Given the threats posed from Internet predators and schoolyard violence taking aim at your children, cloaks them with the type of protection demanded by today’s society.

In This Wave Program Overview

School safety has become an essential topic for all academic campuses today. Equally important is your child’s online protection while they are away from your supervision at school. is concerned with your child’s security on the internet and enables them to surf safely without becoming exposed to unwanted influences so readily available online today. Further, we place you in touch with access to your child’s location in the event of an on-campus emergency. is on a mission committed to help ensure that children from all walks of life have a safe haven of suitable content to surf online. Because the world is becoming more and more computer based it is imperative that our children’s internet content be monitored as well as their location be accessible given the recent schoolyard events.

Offering your children a Wi-Fi program serving your needs in response to what is taking place in today’s society. Our program provides Administrator’s, Teacher’s, and Parents access to locate their children in the event of an emergency on school campuses as well as provides their Internet surfing history to ensure the content they access is appropriate while at school.

By providing Wi-Fi coverage in the manner we do, ensures your children are safe to roam the Internet via access established through a private server – one that is unique to their school, direct connects you with their teachers, and is geared to enhance their younger intellect. Shaping their computer habits is becoming as important at this time in their lives as instilling them with ethics.

Internet Safe Zones arm parents​ with access to their child's physical location in real-time. It is impossible to tell when a tragedy is going to strike, but preparation is the name of the game. can relieve your fears during a schoolyard emergency to alert you of your child’s well being within the Internet Safe Zone.​

Teachers and Administrators are accountable for all the children in their school. Direct Internet Communication that privately connects them directly with parents for increased involvement in the children’s development is created


Internet Safe Realms give children the ​freedom to surf the web while at school within a privately accessed and protected realm of suitable content. Parents, Teachers, and Administrators, alike, can enjoy peace of mind the children are safe while surfing the internet while on school grounds. Content accessible within the School Internet Safe Realm is carefully chosen with consideration for young impressionable minds being of the highest priority. It is being proven daily that the time has come to mandate adults become informed about where students are surfing the net.​

Private access points will give children the freedom to surf the web and let their imaginations soar. ​ Quality content is scaled down to be appropriate for children based on their age range. No social media sites. Just fun and games while learning to use the Internet as a medium that is to be respected. Teachers and Administrators will witness their classroom's capacity for improved social interaction increase as children are made to feel safe within an element designed exclusively for them.​ Their connections and surfing habits will be invisible to detection within the privacy of their own network, ​ away from detrimental prying eyes, and out of harm's way from internet predators.

With their privacy fully restored, our kids can be a kid again without exposure to many of today's harmful internet content or connections.​